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Photo Albums As A New Year’s Resolution?

While the rest of the world is panicking over resolutions gone awry, I remain calm and collected. Is it because I went the ‘no resolutions’ route? Nope. It is because I give myself the whole year to realize my resolutions. And I choose things to change that will enrich my life and relax me.

After a lifetime of being a clutter-bug, I have decided enough is enough. I don’t need all this stuff! And more importantly, I need to start treating the things I do need with respect. Photographs top this list. Like many people, I have a medley of half-completed albums, and piles of pictures in drawers. I often wish I had well-organized albums I could enjoy flipping through and showing to friends – and I have until December 31st to make that happen!

Designer Scrapbooks

I want to separate my photos loosely by category, and plan on using these Black & White Albums in conjunction with these Leatherette Albums. The bright pink and green albums will look extra vibrant alongside the black and white albums, and be just the burst of color I’m looking for. If anyone has other suggestions for my project, or albums that look good together, please let me know! Thanks!