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More than you ever Wanted to Know About Glue Sticks

Here are Store Photos, we have the glue sticks you need to complete your scrapbooking projects.  They’re such handy scrapbooking accessories, but they haven’t been around forever!  Here’s some info about glue sticks that you might find interesting.

Make the memories stick with glue sticks!

Make the memories stick with glue sticks!

  • The inventor of the glue stick was inspired by women’s lipstick containers.  Glue sticks hit the market in 1969, and have revolutionized the way we stick things together.
  • Many glue sticks are made for children, so they’re washable and non-toxic.  The glue sticks you’ll find here at Store Photos are acid-free and perfect for scrapbooking.  Children should use these with adult supervision.  (That goes for all glue sticks, though.)
  • Because glue sticks are solid, as long as the cap is replaced, they won’t dry out and will last quite some time.  Because they last so long, glue sticks are a very economical solution for your scrapbooking needs.
  • Here at Store Photos, we have regular glue sticks, large glue sticks, square glue sticks, embellishment glue sticks, and a glue stick pen.  No matter what kind of item you need to stick to your scrapbook page, you can find the right glue stick here!

Once you start using glue sticks, you’ll find that you’re really “stuck” for life!  They’re easy and fun to use, and they can help you create some beautiful memories.