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Make Your Own Beach Wedding Scrapbook Pages

Summer weddings are full of enchantment and unconventional (or conventional!) traditions. Casual or outdoor ceremonies inspire the most delightful wedding album decorations. When you go to decorate your next beach wedding scrapbook, create a really unique background with some beach inspiration.

nice wedding albums

Here’s what you do:

  • For a beach wedding, gather bits of sand to keep from the ceremony and find a nice wedding scrapbook.
  • For this page, get blue or tan colored scrapbooking paper to decorate.
  • Drip some liquid glue around the outside of the page to trace out a framed area, then fill in the area with a few dots.
  • Spread the glue evenly and thinly, with something like a popsicle stick.
  • Sprinkle the sand evenly across the page, then shake off any additional sand. Let the page dry.
  • Do this with several pages.
  • For some pages, try covering just the bottom half with sand only, to make the impression of a beach.

You’ll have textured, fun looking beach pages to go in your beach wedding scrapbook in no time. It’s so simple, a kid can do it! What’s your favorite part about decorating your own pages?