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Make an Everyday, Hometown Album

Flag in Hometown
It’s easy to forget the simple things when you’re snapping photos for your photo albums, like your first home, the stores you went to weekly, and other common places. You might now look back and see old photos of places that have changed drastically. Why not prepare for change, and make a photo album of your everyday places.

List all the places you go everyday and remember to bring your camera along. These might be:

• Home
• Neighborhood street corner
• School
• Supermarket plaza

Take these photos and remember to date them! New buildings may go up or store fronts may be remodeled. You might be amazed how in just a few years things change – and be glad you grabbed a picture when you did to compare with.

Spring time is a great time of the year to get these photos, while buildings aren’t completely covered by the surrounding trees.

What places will you want to remember in the years to come?