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Make a Musical CD to go with Your Photo Album

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If you’re wondering why there’s music in the air, you must have not realized it’s springtime! There’s no excuse not to be singing. If you enjoy music, you probably have some songs that have a special meaning to an occasion, group of friends or just what you sang along to on the radio.

When you look through your photo album, how many of your other senses come to life? A musical CD could be a great way to make your photo scrapbook even more memorable!

Make a special CD to tuck into your album and play along when you go through the album. It may be the soundtrack to a road trip, your favorite songs from the past year, or the songs playing at a Easter this year. Find all the songs that played on in the background as those photos were taken, and burn a CD.

You can either keep the CD in the back pocket many scrapbooks have, use a CD album refill page, or make your own pocket on a page.

What songs would make up the soundtrack to your most recent scrapbook?

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