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Isn’t It Time Mr. Whiskers Had A Scrapbook Too?

If you have pets, it’s safe to say that you regard them as part of the family. And if you are a regular reader of this blog, it could also be safe to say you enjoy scrapbooking and album making. So why not combine your passions and create a scrapbook dedicated to your little buddy?

Making a scrapbook for a pet isn’t too different from one that would be made for a human member of the family. You should plan the layout to show the growth of your pet, and highlight big events in your pet’s life (i.e. Birthdays, trips to the park, meeting other pets, etc).

You should include as many pictures as you can of your pet hanging out with family members. Funny pictures like your dog or cat sleeping in the recliner with Dad, or digging in the yard while Mom is planting flowers are especially encouraged!

The most important ingredient to include in your pet’s scrapbook is your pet’s personality. If your pet is mischievous, hyper, calm, goofy, etc., use embellishments that highlight these traits.

Be sure to visit to find all that you will need to build your pet’s scrapbook. Happy Scrapbooking!