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Graduation Scrapbooks Make The Grade!

Is there someone in your family graduating from high school or college?  You should remind him or her of the path they traveled to get to this momentous point and what better way is there than by cataloging all their photos, report cards, and awards in a scrapbook?  So here are a few tips from to make the perfect graduation scrapbook.

Try to highlight the graduates victorious moments.  This would include birthdays, sporting accomplishments, and their first car or job.  If you have any paper certificates or awards to go along with these moments, make sure to include them in the scrapbook.

A good idea is to also write messages to accompany all the photos and certificates in the scrapbook.  Messages add personality to the scrapbook and will bring a smile from the graduate from a tender message or a quote from the time.

Lastly you have to keep the tone right.  Add humor to the layout, by making light of moments where your graduate was, lets say, less than graceful.  There is nothing more satisfying than remembering moments that are seriously funny.

graduation-scrapbooks.jpgGraduation is a great time for a person, and a reminder of the path a person took to make it there is a good way for a young graduate to appreciate where he or she came from.  It will also remind them that the journey makes the next destination in their life worth wild.

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