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Graduation Scrapbooking Ideas

So you’ve finally made it: you’ve graduated! Whether it be from high school or college, it’s truly a huge accomplishment and for some, maybe there’s a feeling of relief and excitement for what endeavors are in store for the future. Think of all the years spent in school, all the memories you’ve shared with those you’ve made lasting friendships with, and all the school trips and activities you’ve done over the years. Why throw these memories into a shoe box under your bed? Gather all your treasured photographs up and create lasting memories with a Graduation Scrapbook.

Our selection of Pioneer Scrapbooking Kits, give you all the components you’ll need to create a personalized scrapbook to capture all you’ve enjoyed over the years. Our kits include everything from craft scissors, glue sticks, design templates, colored paper, and much more to give your scrapbook the personality your memories deserve!

So gather all the photographs you’ve collected over the years, especially those recent snapshots of your graduation ceremony and celebration, and create a scrapbook to hold those memories you will cherish over your lifetime!