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Fun Family Portraits!

family photo albums

Everyone on the beach together, whole families gathered around the dinner table – your photo albums are probably full of many great family shots. Sometimes you get tired of flipping past the same old portraits.

Better than Boring

What may be boring you may just be the way everyone is posed. At the next family gathering, try these tips to spice up your family photo album.

  • Crowd in and huddle up! When people aren’t touching, subliminally they look distant. When you make sure everyone is touching in the photo, everyone looks more emotionally close. Get everyone as close as possible for extra love!
  • Fight straight lines by having the parents in the center. Not only are they usually taller, acting as a great center to your photos, but it’ll also bring the whole family together.

What makes each photo special is the people in it, and the memories made. So it doesn’t matter what sort of photos you fill your family photo album with in the end, just so long as you have them!

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