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Five Ways for Better Pictures from Kodak &

Child Taking Pictures

When it comes to pictures, no one knows better than Kodak. To keep your pictures looking fabulous and your snapshots like works of art, Kodak has developed a fantastic photo tips section of their website, ready to give you the latest and greatest news on photography, scrapbooking, and other great photo projects. Drawing on some of their inspiration, has assembled a list of five ways to take better pictures. Enjoy!

Change Your Point of View
Move the camera around. Shoot from the hip, above your head, or even down around your feet to get a unique look at your subject. Don’t be afraid to look a little funny! Sometimes some of the best shots are taking in the oddest positions.

Just Shoot
Don’t worry about composition or framing when you’re just starting out with photography. Close your eyes and point the camera, and you might be surprised at how beautiful your photos are. Just be sure that they’re in focus!

Software is Key
Investing in some great photo editing software can be an excellent way to improve the look of your photos to make them print ready.

Be Creative
Like that bird? Take a picture. Like your shoes? Take a picture. Like that stop sign? Take a picture. Take a look around you and take pictures of things that bring you joy. Experience beauty behind the lens and snap shots of things that look cool at the moment or that you’d like to remember. This can be great practice for new photographers trying to learn their camera.

Store Smart
When storing your works of art, be sure to choose a durable, archival quality Photo Album or scrapbook to capture those memories forever. has a great selection of both, ready to fill with your favorite photos.