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Five Scrapbooking Tips Every Scrapbooker Can Use

When you’re making a scrapbook, have you ever though about how you can save time and money while doing it? We’re not talking about making you trim down the time you spend on making beautiful creations. We’re talking about cutting out a lot of the tedious tasks that tend to drive you crazy while you lay out your pages and put together a work of art. Instead of stressing, start making more time for doing things you love, like putting each page together. To trim down on your scrapbooking time and to save money on expensive, pre-made solutions, try out some of these great tips:

Scrapbook Embellishment

1.Don’t feel like you have to mat ever single photo in your scrapbook. Instead, try just matting the center or main picture on each page. The rest of the photos can act as an accent while the main photo draws attention to the focus of what’s really going on in your page.
2.Instead of worrying about saving enough space for journaling, try attaching an envelope into your layout. Store extra notes in there.
3.Save time on matting your photos by having your photo lab print photos with a white border.
4.Brads are your friend. They’re great for securing accents when you run out of adhesive and can punch up just about any embellishment. Keep them on hand.
5.Having trouble coming up with a creative layout? Look online for inspiration or free guides.