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Decorate a Page Together for “Cheer Up the Lonely Day”

Can you believe there’s an entire day devoted to “Cheer Up the Lonely”? July 11th you can make someone’s day by inviting them over to share in scrapbooking fun.

Many scrapbookers overlook the fun that’s had when you scrapbook with friends. Maybe you’re the “someone lonely” who needs a little cheer. You can make your day brighter by making a group scrapbooking effort.


Here’s how to start your scrapbooking efforts.

  1. Find a common cause to scrapbook for. It can be a gift for someone, or maybe a fun day you both remember.
  2. Pick a day. You don’t necessarily have to celebrate on July 11th just make sure to do it this month!
  3. Get your scrapbooking supplies together. You can even pick out a new scrapbook to start a project together beforehand – even more fun!

Make your fun and cheerful scrapbook with someone looking for friendship this July. How else can you think to celebrate on “Cheer Up the Lonely Day?”