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Celebrate with a Parents Day Scrapbook!

parents day

On July 25, take the time to celebrate those special moms and dads and mas and pas with a special gift that shows just how much you love them. Parents are special people and as such, they deserve to be treasured. This Parents Day, be sure to give your parents (or your parents’ parents!) something which celebrates all of the wonderful things they bring into your life, like a personalized and handmade scrapbook from the collection of scrapbooks and supplies at

At, we have everything you need to create a beautiful Parents Day scrapbook. Choose from our selection of colorful scrapbooks, scrapbook paper, adhesives, crafting supplies, and scissors to find what you need to put the book together. Then, sit down with your family and start crafting!

Fill up your scrapbook pages with you and your parents having fun, celebrating holidays, or doing what you do best. Be sure to put captions and matting around each photo. Next, go through your pages and add other keepsakes which can remind your parents of the love you share. Drawings, greeting cards, ticket stubs, postcards, letters, or other special documents can be the final flourish which can bring your scrapbook pages to life. Then, once it’s filled, it’s time to decorate! Using embellishments, adhesives, and other craft supplies, decorate each page with a special theme or just add some flair to each and every photo. Once you’re done with that, seal the scrapbook with a kiss by writing a special note to commemorate Parents Day. Sign your name or the names of your family members and then wrap it up pretty for picture-perfect presentation.

No matter how you choose to celebrate Parents Day, just know that makes it easy to craft beautiful gifts and scrapbooks just in time for the occasion. Start making yours today!