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Celebrate Sewing Machine Day with a Stitch in Scrapbooking! Part 2

Beautiful Girl Sewing

Last week we told you ways to use your sewing machine to make brilliant new scrapbooking page designs. Even if you don’t have a sewing machine – or lack the skills to use one – for this little holiday, you can bring stitching inspiration into your scrapbooking page for the day.

Get your stitch on to celebrate with some fun scrapbooking page designs. What you’ll need:

Faux stitch your pages together using evenly spaced cuts and ribbon. Take a ruler and mark out two holes for your ribbon to peak through, every one to two inches. Depending on the width of your ribbon, space the two holes out not more than twice the width of the ribbon. So for a ¼ inch ribbon, try ¾ gaps to show the ribbon and 1 inch gaps between each of those holes.

Run the ribbon through these holes, around your entire page or small sections. Try different ribbon types and thicknesses on the same page for a mismatched patchwork look!

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