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Celebrate Sewing Machine Day with a Stitch in Scrapbooking! Part 1

Scrapbook Baby

Break out the big sewing machines! June 13th is Sewing Machine Day – and the perfect occasion to pull out that old machine and make some really unique scrapbooking pages!

Blow the dust off that old sewing machine to make some small decorations to add to your scrapbooking pages.

  • Make your own small and simple decorations! Cut out small circles, hearts and stars in fabric. Then sew along the edges. Try different sizes, and mixing and matching small shapes with slightly larger ones and layering them.
  • Sew your paper pieces together. If you’re an old sewing machine pro, sew images and shapes on the paper inserts for your scrapbooking project, like flowers. Not so pro? Keep it simple by layering papers with a straight or boxed stitch. It’ll still look impressive, especially if you use different types, like those available on newer sewing machines.
  • Forget the glue; sew your photos into pages. Make paper frames or cut out designs to frame your photos in a fun and different way.

Don’t have a sewing machine? Check back in next week for ways to celebrate Sewing Machine Day without a machine!

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