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Celebrate National Picnic Month with A Trip and Some Photos!


July is National Picnic Month and you know what that means! It’s time to break out the blanket, pack up your basket, and head to your nearest park for an unforgettable dining experience that everyone in your family can enjoy. No matter what your age or your tastes, a picnic is the perfect way to spend a pleasant summer meal with those you love. So, this month, schedule some time to dine al fresco and enjoy the beauty of nature with a picnic lunch or dinner – but don’t forget your camera.

Picnics are events that are harder to come by nowadays. Most people tend to rush through meals, plus, let’s face it, when was the last time you had a meal with every member of your family at the same time? A picnic, while rare, should be an event to remember. So, when you head outside with your picnic basket in tow, don’t forget to bring along your camera to take some pictures. Picnic photos will help remind you of the importance of family, not to mention, that yummy pasta salad you enjoyed in the park! Once you’ve finished with your occasion and developed the photos, you can feel free to catalog the event in a special page in your summertime scrapbook!