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Celebrate Best Friend Day!

Did you know that June 8th is Best Friend Day?

If you’re one of those lucky people that has a best friend who has stuck with you through thick and thin since you were kids, congrats! This day is the perfect way to show your friend just how much you care. Or, if you’re one of those people who has lots of friends or shares the title of best friend with a few, still take the time to honor those special relationships!

You can celebrate Best Friend Day by spending time with your best friend(s), calling an old best friend that you’ve lost touch with, or giving a friendship scrapbook to that special person in your life.

At, we want to help you celebrate Best Friend Day by giving you everything you need to commemorate the occasion. You’ll find friendship scrapbooks to house tons of photos of you and your friend, adhesives to put your scrapbook together, and scrapbook embellishments to add pizazz to every page. Your friend will love this thoughtful gift, plus, you can establish a new tradition in your friendship by getting together every June 8th to create a few new pages in your friendship scrapbook!