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Capture All the Fun of Easter Morning!

Easter is almost here and you know what that means – it’s time to break out the baskets, dye the eggs, and gear up for the annual Easter morning egg hunt! No matter where you hold this fun activity, you can be sure that there’ll be tons of memories in the making.

But before you start dyeing eggs, it’s important to grab your camera and start capturing the fun! Making an Easter scrapbook can make all the difference in how you experience and look back on this joyous holiday. So, before you start hunting for eggs, be sure to add these items to your Easter scrapbook checklist:

1.) Photos of your family enjoying their Easter baskets

2.) Photos of the Easter egg hunt and other Easter festivities

3.) Stickers and embellishments with an Easter egg or flower motif

4.) A light scrapbook or Easter scrapbook featuring pastel colors and a pretty design

5.) Acid-free adhesives, for pasting in photos and scraps

6.) Colorful ribbon, buttons, and other decorations

7.) Colored paper, to mat photos and add pizzazz to your pages

8.) Easter greeting cards and gift tags from your Easter basket

9.) Photos of everyone in their Easter outfits.

10.) Creativity! An Easter scrapbook can’t be made without it!