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Blending Past Memories with New Technology

In a recent New York Times article by Noam Cohen, readers discovered the magic of Flickr and how it has greatly impacted the future of photographic archiving.

A little over a year ago, the Library of Congress started adding photographs with no known restrictions to a Flickr service called the Commons. Starting with 3,500 photos, this gallery has since grown with additions of about 50 per week. In a report assessing the project, the library detailed the information that had been gleaned from Flickr users, rendering the project a complete success. This move just goes to show the importance of preserving historic photographic memories using future technology. Yes, it is possible to blend the two successfully!

“Flickr is to photography what the Pacific Ocean is to water, what Times Square is to humanity,” the cultural critic Luc Sante wrote in an essay for the January-February 2008 issue of Photograph magazine. “Flickr is a great leveler, sweeping away distinctions between amateurism and expertise, art and record-keeping.”

While your home may not be the setting of a pivotal historic event, it’s no less important. To start preserving your photographic memories, blend a bit of old and new by using digital photographs and traditional Photo Albums from Trust us, these memories will last a lifetime as a result!