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Archival Safe… Always

Many important documents and photos need to be preserved for an extended period of time.  Conventional paper products will begin to slowly degrade—and that’s due to the high level of acid that generally exists in paper.  Archival, or acid-free, paper is made slightly alkaline (or with a neutral pH) so that it will not yellow and turn brittle with age.  Here at Store Photos, our products are archive safe—so you can rest assured that your precious memories are safe and secure.

Would you leave a memory like this to chance?

Would you leave a memory like this to chance?

Why does regular paper degenerate?

There are two reasons why conventional paper will degenerate over time.  The first is something called lignin, which is a component of the cell walls in plants.  Lignin turns yellow as it is exposed to heat, and that’s one of the reasons that your paper changes color.  Acid makes the paper more fragile, thin, and brittle.  You want something that’s the exact opposite of archival paper?  Check out a newspaper.  Notice how quickly it will turn yellow?

Keep your memories in archival safe pioneer photo albums to ensure their longevity.  After all, you can only make memories once.