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How to: Decorate with Fabric Photo Albums

Fabric Wedding Scrapbook Album

Take a page from decorating tips involving beautifully bound books – decorate with your beautiful fabric photo albums! You can use what’s hiding on your shelves to brighten dull areas of the house!

Rather than just filling and filing away those fine fabric photo albums, why not leave them out. You can add color to side tables and depth to your walls.

There’s a few ways to use photo albums as decorations:

Stack em! Pile up an assortment of colored albums on a side table. Pick albums of all the same size and stack up evenly against a wall, or spiral slightly in a stack in the center of the table.

Rack em! Mount single level bookshelves along the walls to hold your fabric photo album collection, regularly with binding facing out. Or feature a few select albums, like your fabric wedding photo album and first baby fabric photo album on a few shorter shelves. Place one photo album on each shelf with the cover facing outwards – giving you easy access to all of your most precious moments.

These are just a few of our favorite ways to show off fabric photo albums as part of your décor. There are a lot of other ways to use fabric photo albums in your design. Feel free to share with us your ideas below!

Colorful Scrapbooks and Tie Dyed Scrapbooking Pages to Match!

colorful scrapbooks

There are few things as fun for kids as gathering up a bunch of white clothing, dripping and dipping in rainbow colors and laying out in the sun to dry! It’s all part of immortalizing the colors of summer, and you can do the same in your scrapbooks!

While you’re waiting for the shirts to dry, have the kids help in making tie dye scrapbooking pages with the leftover dye.

What you need:

  • Some form of dye, like from tie-dying (You don’t need to start off with tie-dying, it’s just more fun this way!)
  • Plain scrapbooking pages
  • Eye dropper or spray bottle (More than one is better!)
  • An outdoors or covered area to work in.
  • A fun and colorful scrapbook to put your pages in.

Fill the eye dropper or spray bottle with dye and color different sections of the scrapbooking paper. If you have multiple bottles, you can easily change out colors. Then leave it to dry, either flat or hanging alongside your spiffy new shirts!

These pages will be the perfect thing for you summer photo pages – or better yet as a background for all of your tie dying photos!

Celebrate summer fun with tie dying in your summer scrapbooks and photo albums! What else have you tried tie dying?

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Celebrate Sewing Machine Day with a Stitch in Scrapbooking! Part 2

Beautiful Girl Sewing

Last week we told you ways to use your sewing machine to make brilliant new scrapbooking page designs. Even if you don’t have a sewing machine – or lack the skills to use one – for this little holiday, you can bring stitching inspiration into your scrapbooking page for the day.

Get your stitch on to celebrate with some fun scrapbooking page designs. What you’ll need:

Faux stitch your pages together using evenly spaced cuts and ribbon. Take a ruler and mark out two holes for your ribbon to peak through, every one to two inches. Depending on the width of your ribbon, space the two holes out not more than twice the width of the ribbon. So for a ¼ inch ribbon, try ¾ gaps to show the ribbon and 1 inch gaps between each of those holes.

Run the ribbon through these holes, around your entire page or small sections. Try different ribbon types and thicknesses on the same page for a mismatched patchwork look!

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Celebrate Sewing Machine Day with a Stitch in Scrapbooking! Part 1

Scrapbook Baby

Break out the big sewing machines! June 13th is Sewing Machine Day – and the perfect occasion to pull out that old machine and make some really unique scrapbooking pages!

Blow the dust off that old sewing machine to make some small decorations to add to your scrapbooking pages.

  • Make your own small and simple decorations! Cut out small circles, hearts and stars in fabric. Then sew along the edges. Try different sizes, and mixing and matching small shapes with slightly larger ones and layering them.
  • Sew your paper pieces together. If you’re an old sewing machine pro, sew images and shapes on the paper inserts for your scrapbooking project, like flowers. Not so pro? Keep it simple by layering papers with a straight or boxed stitch. It’ll still look impressive, especially if you use different types, like those available on newer sewing machines.
  • Forget the glue; sew your photos into pages. Make paper frames or cut out designs to frame your photos in a fun and different way.

Don’t have a sewing machine? Check back in next week for ways to celebrate Sewing Machine Day without a machine!

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