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How to Change your Scrapbooking Habits

jumbo scrapbooksGenerally there are two types of scrapbookers:

The Studious Scrapbooker

You’re the kind who scrapbooks your photos the ones that other people give you. You might be called the family scrapbooker. Everyone sends you their photos to print and add to the family scrapbook! You take lots of time and care to decorate each and every page.

The Unfinished Scrapbooker

You take photos faster than you can scrapbook. Sometimes it’s a love of photography, or you just have so many things to take photos of. (Parents of young kids, you know what it’s like!) You’ll just be happy for a big  photo album to throw photos into.

It’s no fun when you start out a Studious Scrapbooker and gradually become the Unfinished Scrapbooker. You can try to balance the time for scrapbooking by becoming a Happy Medium Scrapbooker.

The Happy Medium Scrapbooker

A jumbo scrapbook with memo pages, but more room for photos will be just the thing for you. When there’s no time to decorate pages, you can still add that special touch. Set aside time for just one scrapbook a year, possibly a travel scrapbook for all your family trips. (Maybe those summer ones coming up?)

A happy scrapbooker is one with lots of photos, albums and time! How do you balance out the time to scrapbook and time to take photos?

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Learn with Colors: Scrapbooking Fun for Kids!

colorful scrapbook ideas

The sky is blue, the grass is green, and dirt is brown! There are lots of ways to learn about colors with kids, and you can make it even more fun by making a colorific scrapbook with your kids.

What’s a Colorific Scrapbook?

Assign one color of the rainbow to each page in the scrapbook. Each scrapbooking page can be a burst of red or green, with all matching photos and decorations. You can even have multiple pages of colors – ei. vivid and pale reds! It’s both educational and fun!

What you’ll need:

  • A digital camera
  • A scrapbook
  • Colored scrapbooking pages
  • Colored scrapbooking supplies

Let the kids take photos around the house or give them all week to find all the colors of the rainbow. Encourage them to look for color in the details. They might find green in the peas at the dinner table and orange in the sunset. Challenge older kids to take photos only in the kitchen or in nature. Match the photo to the page, and decorate with one color to make your colorific scrapbook.

Rather than just learning the colors, apply the concepts in a fun activity and make a colorful scrapbook your kids can hold onto for years!

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Fun Family Portraits!

family photo albums

Everyone on the beach together, whole families gathered around the dinner table – your photo albums are probably full of many great family shots. Sometimes you get tired of flipping past the same old portraits.

Better than Boring

What may be boring you may just be the way everyone is posed. At the next family gathering, try these tips to spice up your family photo album.

  • Crowd in and huddle up! When people aren’t touching, subliminally they look distant. When you make sure everyone is touching in the photo, everyone looks more emotionally close. Get everyone as close as possible for extra love!
  • Fight straight lines by having the parents in the center. Not only are they usually taller, acting as a great center to your photos, but it’ll also bring the whole family together.

What makes each photo special is the people in it, and the memories made. So it doesn’t matter what sort of photos you fill your family photo album with in the end, just so long as you have them!

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Recreate that Wedding Photo Magic for your Anniversary!

wedding frame albums

When the blossoms first burst forth and grass has turned green, many brides start to recall their own springtime weddings. Recreate that wedding magic by setting up a photo shoot once more with your now-husband.

Here’s a few ideas for your anniversary shoot:

  • Revisit the original location of your wedding portraits or engagement photos to mark where your relationship has come from.
  • Your relationship has obviously grown. New places, like your home together may have a special meaning for you. Take photos there to mark the importance you have together there.
  • Surprise your loved one with an anniversary photo shoot revisiting where you exchanged your wedding vows. You can even take the opportunity to renew those vows once more!

When was the last time the two of you had your pictures done together? Reset that wedding shoot magic by getting anniversary pictures done and having a loving new set of photos to scrapbook. Put your anniversary photos in the front of a frame photo album to start off a series of new memories as a happy couple.