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Make a Musical CD to go with Your Photo Album

digital photo cd

If you’re wondering why there’s music in the air, you must have not realized it’s springtime! There’s no excuse not to be singing. If you enjoy music, you probably have some songs that have a special meaning to an occasion, group of friends or just what you sang along to on the radio.

When you look through your photo album, how many of your other senses come to life? A musical CD could be a great way to make your photo scrapbook even more memorable!

Make a special CD to tuck into your album and play along when you go through the album. It may be the soundtrack to a road trip, your favorite songs from the past year, or the songs playing at a Easter this year. Find all the songs that played on in the background as those photos were taken, and burn a CD.

You can either keep the CD in the back pocket many scrapbooks have, use a CD album refill page, or make your own pocket on a page.

What songs would make up the soundtrack to your most recent scrapbook?

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Rainy Spring Day Scrapbooking Ideas

Rainy Spring Day Scrapbooking Ideas

Rain,  rain go away. Come again another day… when you’re prepped for scrapbooking! Rainy days can be full of bright possibilities so long as you’re prepared with scrapbooking supplies.  Rather than go out for supplies to occupy your rainy day be ready with some all natural spring time scrapbooking supplies.

Using nature’s supplies you can make beautiful mixed media pages with depth and color. Before the sky opens up, get outside and collect materials to make springy scrapbooking pages. Here are a few items to pick up on your nature shopping list:

  • Fresh flowers
  • Tree blossoms
  • Leaves
  • Feathers
  • Ferns

Once you have everything gathered, press your found items in a heavy book to become scrapbooking accents. Add a dictionary or two for additional weight!  There’ll be no need to drive to the store in hazardous conditions! All your scrapbooking supplies will be ready for your next scrapbooking project, drying in the home!

Get a matching nature themed scrapbook album for your nature inspired scrapbooking project. What other things can you make into all natural scrapbooking accents?

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Easter Gift Ideas: Albums for All Ages

family tree scrapbook

The first real sign of spring comes when Easter has arrived, and everyone is dressed up in bright pinks, blues and yellows! For this happy holiday, find time to give personalized photo gifts to friends and loved ones.  We think these inspirational brag albums make a perfect gift for the Easter season, with touching phrases of faith and love.

There are lots of great ways to gift brag albums, here are few of our favorites:

•    Fill a few of these inspirational brag albums with family photos from last year’s Easter, family holidays, and other photo memories.  Then give them out instead of candy, for a sugar-free gift that will be remembered year round.
•    If you’re making lots of Easter baskets, the inspirational brag books are an affordable stuffer to put in many baskets.  Filling an extra large Easter basket, complete with stuffed animals and chocolates? Check out these cute designer photo albums or designer scrapbooks, the perfect addition to a Easter baskets for older children and adults.

Even if you don’t have the time, these brag albums make great gifts on their own, for people to fill with their own photos. What other way might you gift a brag book?

Get Back to the Roots of Scrapbooking


Did you know that scrapbooking started as a hobby long before the invention of photography? If you count the albums that artists used to collect and preserve pieces of work in, scrapbooking dates as far back as the 1600’s. 

Mark Twain was the inventor of the first “self-pasting” scrapbook in 1872, made of thin strips of glue on pages. Before his scrapbooks you would need to use a scrapbooking glue to paste in all mementos. Photography still wasn’t the focus of scrapbooking until the 1940’s.

As technology progressed in the 1990’s, digital photography gave scrapbookers greater control over picture selection. No longer stuck with just the photos that had been printed, scrapbookers could now pick and choose photos to make better looking scrapbooking page designs.

Another great advantage of technology has been to make scrapbooking supplies became even more accessible and affordable online, like here at

Try getting back to your scrapbooking roots by creating more mementos and souvenirs focused scrapbooking pages. What occasions could you preserve without using photographs?