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Archive for March, 2011

Gifts for Grandparents: Photo Shoot Day!

scrapbooking gift for grandparents

Looking for the perfect gift for grandma and grandpa? Why not give them a gift that they’ll remember and treasure for years. Set up a special photo shoot for Grandma and Grandma with their favorite grandkids!

Before you start shopping around, calling local photographers, you should make a few important decisions about this very special shoot:

  • Decide how many people you want at the shoot. You can go with just your children, or invite the extended family and have all the cousins in the shoot for a really memorable day.
  • Pick out matching outfits! For a uniform and classy look, have everyone dress in black and white, or something simple that everyone will have in their closets.
  • Do you want to bring props along or maybe a family pet? These can be sweet touches to the photos.

For a really special touch, create a special scrapbook to hold all the photos from the shoot. The whole family will enjoy a great day of photos together, and have the photos to share years later.

Make an Everyday, Hometown Album

Flag in Hometown
It’s easy to forget the simple things when you’re snapping photos for your photo albums, like your first home, the stores you went to weekly, and other common places. You might now look back and see old photos of places that have changed drastically. Why not prepare for change, and make a photo album of your everyday places.

List all the places you go everyday and remember to bring your camera along. These might be:

• Home
• Neighborhood street corner
• School
• Supermarket plaza

Take these photos and remember to date them! New buildings may go up or store fronts may be remodeled. You might be amazed how in just a few years things change – and be glad you grabbed a picture when you did to compare with.

Spring time is a great time of the year to get these photos, while buildings aren’t completely covered by the surrounding trees.

What places will you want to remember in the years to come?

Make Your Photos into Art Before You Print!

Beautiful landscape photo for photo album

Before you go to your local store or print photos online – try making new memories with old photos. Make your next photo album even more special and different with fantasy destinations!

We were inspired by this recent article on services that will let you merge your photos with different settings and places. It gave us the idea to make a fantasy album of all the places you haven’t been, but could with just the click of a button!

Make photos for your dream vacation album using one of the online services like, by picking your travel companions and finding photos of them and yourself to upload. Then place your vacationing group on tropical beaches, ocean fronts, French canals, wherever you dream of going! Sure it may look silly, but it’s the thought that counts!

If you’re not feeling the online services you could make vacation scenes by cutting out individuals from printed photos, then choosing scrap paper or printed travel photos to make your own vacation scenes!

A dream vacation album is a great gift when you don’t have the time to get away, and a promise to make those trips someday. When you do get there, pick up a new album at to fill with all the new – real – memories.

Start Working on Graduation Scrapbooks Now!

We know, we know:  It’s only March and you are talking about graduation scrapbooks?  Yes, we know it seems a little early, but trust us:  We have our reasons.  We have worked with many people over the years who have worked on many scrapbooks, and they always offer us the same piece of information:  Scrapbooks take time.

graduation scrapbook

Think of all the things you need to do in order to create a graduation scrapbook:  Take pictures during the final year of school, find all the pictures from years past for the scrapbook, organize the pictures into categories so that you can easily find them, plan your page progression, attach the pictures, add embellishments, and so forth.  You can’t sit down one night and complete all of these tasks.  They all take time.

Therefore, if you start working on your graduation scrapbook now, you’ll have it ready to go for the day of the graduation party.  Also don’t forget that the closer you get to the party, the more you’ll have to do in terms of inviting guests, preparing food, and so on.  Get your scrapbook started now so you aren’t pulling out your hair later.