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Scrapbooking Favorite: Adhesive Glue Stick

Glue Stick

If you need something extra strong to keep your scrapbook photos and embellishments in place, then it’s best to check out our awesome Adhesive Glue Stick. Made with super strong yet gentle adhesive, this glue stick is acid free to keep your photos safe, plus, it’s non-toxic, so it’s safe to use around everyone in your family, including pets and children.

This glue stick is great for decorating and organizing your best scrapbook pages, plus, it dries clear so you get a clean finish on any of your projects.It’s super strong (it can hold a penny) and it’s super simple to use. What’s not to love? Our glue stick is simply a must-have when you’re putting together your next project (including that Halloween scrapbook you’re working on!)

Get your scrapbook embellishment glue stick today at and make scrapbooking super simple!

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Celebrate Halloween with a Scrapbook


Happy Halloween!

Ghosts, ghouls, and goblins will be hitting your neighborhood tonight to collect some of your favorite treats. If you’re hosting a Halloween party or are planning to take the kids trick or treating tonight, be sure to snap plenty of photos so you can put together a Halloween scrapbook! Unlike other scrapbooks, a Halloween scrapbook has the freedom to be creepy, scary, funny, or just about anything else you’d like! Whether your kids are young and look oh-so-very cute in their costumes or you’re just trying to capture the spookiest memories of the season, has the perfect scrapbook supplies, embellishments, and more to help you put together your Halloween scrapbook.

So tonight, be sure to take lots of photos, scare those spooks, and get into the holiday spirit! We know it’ll be tons of fun!

Show a Survivor You Care with a Breast Cancer Awareness Scrapbook

breast-cancer ribbonOctober is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month and if you know a survivor, it’s time to show them just how inspirational she is to you. Putting together a commemorative scrapbook can be a great way to motivate a breast cancer survivor during treatment, or, it can act as a reminder of the strength and courage it takes to fight such a terrible disease. Show someone you love that she has strength and that she can pull through.

So how do you put together such a scrapbook? Well, we recommend including things like:

  • Quotations about courage, strength, and healing.
  • Photos of you and the survivor together during good times.
  • Photos of milestones in cancer treatment, such as the day remission was declared.
  • Quotations from famous breast cancer survivors.
  • Greeting and get well cards sent from friends and family.
  • Letters and notes from friends and family that the survivor can reflect on when things are getting tough.
  • Plenty of pink! Pink is the official color of breast cancer awareness.
  • Embellishments and pretty scraps. Anything that could be deemed special to the survivor.
  • Photos of a breast cancer benefit that was held in honor of the survivor.

Now these are just a few ideas of what one could put into such a scrapbook. It’s really up to you!

If you want to start putting together a breast cancer awareness scrapbook for someone you love, consider choosing for all of your scrapbooks, scrapbook supplies, and embellishments.

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Celebrate Adopt a Pet Month with a Pet Scrapbook!

pair of brown dogs

October is Adopt a Pet Month and you know what that means: it’s time to get out there and get a pet that deserves a good home! There are millions of shelter animals in need of a good home and you can do your part this month by adopting. But don’t forget to catalog the experience.

When you adopt a pet, you add another member to your family and that’s something that needs to be celebrated. During this special time, don’t forget to bring your camera and take lots of pictures. Once the adoption has taken place, you can start building up a wonderful photo collection of memories with your pet. Start out that collection and commemorate your pet’s adoption by putting together a pet scrapbook!

At, we carry a great selection of pet scrapbooks and scrapbooking supplies so that it’es easy for you to put something special together. Just add photos, captions, and quotes about pets. It’s that simple! Once you’ve finished, you’ll have a keepsake you can look back on again and again. Trust us – there’s nothing like having a pet in your life.

Do your part and adopt. Make sure to capture the experience this month with a pet scrapbook from

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Don’t Forget – We’re On Twitter!

When looking for some great scrapbooking and photo storage tips, where can you turn to? Sure, you ask your friends and family for ideas, but what about suggestions on where to find some great products by Pioneer? Ways to make the most of your albums? Tips and tricks for creating brilliant scrapbook layouts?

Well, for starters, you’re on the blog, which means you’ve already found some great information on how to make the most of your memories. But if you want to take things a step further and keep up to date on all of the best Pioneer photo albums and scrapbooks, scrapbooking tips, and so much more, well, then you’ll head right to Twitter to stay caught up! and our sister site,, are proud to be a presence on Twitter and we’re here to share our tips and expertise in memory making while answering all of your scrapbooking and photo questions. Check us out, give us a follow, and participate  in our community. We’d love to hear from you!

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