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Photo Favorite: Photo Mounts

Photo Mounts

Looking for a better way to keep your photos in place? Don’t worry – we have a solution.

Our Photo Mounts are pressure-sensitive, self-adhesive mounting squares that offer double-sided stickiness to keep your photos in place in both photo albums and scrapbooks.

You can mount your photos with ease when you use these photo mounts from our selection. Just press on and you’re done! The strong but acid-free and photo-safe adhesive will keep your photos anchored securely in place for years to come so that never have to worry about losing a photo or having your scrapbook fall apart.

Buy Photo Mounts today in a pack of 500 to get extra adhesion for your favorite photos, paper scraps, and other keepsakes. Shop our store today to save.

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Photo Album Favorite: Photo Memory Cleaning Cloth

Photo Memory Cleaning Cloth

Photo Memory Cleaning Cloth

Now, before you can put together any photo album or scrapbook, it’s important to have a Photo Memory Cleaning Cloth on hand. This remarkable and essential scrapbooking tool helps you get your photos display ready so that it’s easy to keep your pages looking their best. Trust us – you won’t want to do anything with your photos without one.

So what exactly does a Photo Memory Cleaning Cloth do? Well, for starters, it gets rid of smudges, fingerprints, lints, dust, and dirt on your favorite photos. Made from super soft microfiber, this cleaning cloth gently wipes away those icky things that make your photos look dull and dingy, plus, it’s great for using on other household items. DVDs, CDs, eyeglasses, and camera lenses can also be cleaned off using this cloth without getting scratched or dulled. No need fore cleaners or chemicals either!

Get this acid-free, washable, and reusable photo cleaning cloth today at!

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Where Does Your Inspiration Come From?

A classical photo album
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Scrapbookers, photographers, and album makers all know that inspiration makes art possible. At, we think that making the most of our memories in an art form. So, we want to know: where does your inspiration come from?

When taking family photos, capturing special moments on a scrapbook page, or even putting together a memory box, where does that creativity come from? Did you see a photo that inspired you to catalog a lifetime of memories? Did you notice that your photo collection was getting a bit disorganized? Tell us what made you scrapbook or take the step towards putting together a new photo album.

Remember, inspiration comes in many forms! Whether it was a song on the radio, a comment from a friend, or even a hug from your child, we want to know what inspires you!

Share with us in the comments!

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Celebrate American Artist Appreciation Month

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Scrapbooking is an art form and as a scrapbooker, it’s important to take time this month to celebrate your skill and show off your beautiful creations. August is American Artist Appreciation Month and scrapbookers should be counted in with the celebrations. Not sure what you can do? Clueless on how to showcase your scrapbooking skill? Let help with these 10 tips for celebrating American Artist Appreciation Month:

1.) Create a scrapbook featuring the work of famous American artists and have it displayed at a local library, school, or community center as an educational tool.
2.) Make a scrapbooking website or blog and show off some of your best creations. Post photos, tips, and stories about scrapbooking!
3.) Start a scrapbooking class or circle in your community. Art flourishes when you give it room to grow!
4.) Work with your local museum on commemorating the history of scrapbooking as an art form or offer to host scrapbooking workshops.
5.) Visit museums and scrapbooking stores. They need your support!
6.) Give feedback to other scrapbookers on how they might improve their craft.
7.) Try out a new scrapbooking technique or layout. Use August as a time to experiment with scrapbooking!
8.) Go on a miniature artist tour in your area and make it a point to visit local galleries and exhibits. Take photos and scrapbook your adventure.
9.) Travel to an American art museum, major gallery, or an artist’s home and scrapbook your experience.
10.) Keep scrapbooking!

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