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Archive for May, 2010

Remeber to Be Acid-Free!

When you’re scrapbooking, putting together a photo album, or making any craft with photos, it’s important to remember that you need the right adhesive to get the job done. Sure, it has to be strong and easy to use, but it also has to be acid-free. When you’re working with photos, acid-free adhesives are absolutely essential, as they avoid the discoloration of your photos as the result of chemical reaction.

Adhesives that contain acid are notorious for distorting the color of your photos or making them fade. As a result, your scrapbooks and photo albums look shabby over time. Instead of having to redo your photo projects because of photo discoloration, get them right from the start. Always be sure to use acid-free adhesives when working with photos. Trust us – it’s the only way to keep your photos safe and sound!

Father’s Day Scrapbooking: Start Thinking of Ideas Now!

fathers day

Before you know it, Father’s Day will be here and that means that it’s time to gift Dad with something special. This year, don’t just give him another card with a gift certificate. Give him something that’s really thoughtful. Make him something that he’ll remember during this Father’s Day and many Father’s Days to come. Gift him with a beautiful Father’s Day scrapbook from

Want to know what goes into this thoughtful gift? Let help with the essential scrapbook kits. They include everything you need to get started. Once you have one of our scrapbook kits, then it’s time to add in photos of you and your father or snapshots of your Dad doing the things he loves most. Write in captions and quotes about fathers throughout the pages. Use embellishments to add flair. Even leave a page or two blank where you can write a note to your Dad telling him how much you care. Once the scrapbook is complete, just gift it to your Dad and let him enjoy!

Make Outdoor Shots Look Spectacular

When taking shots outside, it can be tough to capture a scene without having a lot of shadow. Luckily, there’s a super simple technique out there that can make outdoor photography during the summer easier than ever. From birthday parties to weddings, you can capture it all – and do it beautifully – by using this great photography tip from

So what’s this magical technique? Well, it is not necessarily magic, but it is something useful. The fill flash mode on your camera helps you take control of your flash so that you can illuminate your subjects the right way. In fill flash mode, the camera exposes for the background first, then adds – or fills in- enough flash to illuminate the subject at the front of the shot. As a result, you get a professional looking photo that’s free of harsh lighting and harsh shadows.

Just don’t forget – most camera flashes only have a range of about 10 feet or less, so you don’t want to stand too far away. Otherwise, this technique won’t work!

Scrapbook Your Family Recipes

There’s nothing better than enjoying a home cooked meal, especially if what you’re dining on came from a family recipe. Passed down through the generations, family recipes are special parts of your history that just make life taste better. Scrapbooking those family recipes – and memories – can be a great way to add some spice to your life.

  • Start out by gathering together old recipe cards, notes, or even recipe cutouts that your family has used for many years.
  • Using acid-free adhesive, paste the recipes into pages of your scrapbook.
  • Next, add photos of your relatives from which the recipes came, or include snapshots of you and your loved ones in the kitchen.
  • Tie everything together by using scrapbook embellishments, decorations, stickers, and stamps that feature a cooking or kitchen theme.
  • Add captions on every page to outline where the recipe came from.
  • Feel free to leave some pages blank where you can journal a favorite memory that goes along with the recipe.
  • Make copies of the scrapbook to gift your dearest family members! Not only will this scrapbook commemorate the best tastes of life, but it’ll also be able to be passed down through the generations, just like those recipes.

Scrapbook Something Special for Mom!

Mother’s Day is this week and if you want to wow that special woman in your life, you’ve got to do more than just give her another card and a gift certificate. Your mom deserves something special; something that really lets her know you care. At, we want to make sure that Mom is delighted when she gets her Mother’s Day gift, so to help you out, we’ve got three great ideas on how you can give something great to Mom this Mother’s Day:

1. A Scrapbooking Basket
Scrapbooking is a great hobby and your Mom will love getting supplies she needs for making beautiful scrapbooks that your family can enjoy for a lifetime. To make this gift, fill a basket with all of the necessary scrapbook supplies: scrapbook refill pages, stickers, craft scissors, papers, acid-free adhesives, embellishments, and even a new scrapbook. Then, attach on a lovely handwritten note letting your Mom know that you’ve got her interests in mind with this special Mother’s Day present.

2. A Scrapbooking Kit
Maybe your Mom wants to start up a new hobby, or maybe she’s been interested in scrapbooking but just hasn’t had the chance to get started. Jump start your Mom’s love of scrapbooking by giving her one of the scrapbook kits from These kits have everything you need to put together your very first scrapbook. Make the gift even more special by including other embellishments and maybe even a few photos of your own to be included.

3. A Mother’s Day Scrapbook
This gift idea is great for any mother, even if she’s not a big scrapbooker. In this gift, you’ll start out with a scrapbook from and then fill it up with photos of your Mom, well, being Mom! Capture birthdays, showers, and even the everyday in this beautiful scrapbook that your Mom will love. Then, decorate the pages using embellishments and other scrapbooking decor. Finish out the gift by writing a heartfelt note on the inside cover, letting Mom know just how special she is and how you appreciate all she does for you every day.