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Archive for March, 2010

Capture All the Fun of Easter Morning!

Easter is almost here and you know what that means – it’s time to break out the baskets, dye the eggs, and gear up for the annual Easter morning egg hunt! No matter where you hold this fun activity, you can be sure that there’ll be tons of memories in the making.

But before you start dyeing eggs, it’s important to grab your camera and start capturing the fun! Making an Easter scrapbook can make all the difference in how you experience and look back on this joyous holiday. So, before you start hunting for eggs, be sure to add these items to your Easter scrapbook checklist:

1.) Photos of your family enjoying their Easter baskets

2.) Photos of the Easter egg hunt and other Easter festivities

3.) Stickers and embellishments with an Easter egg or flower motif

4.) A light scrapbook or Easter scrapbook featuring pastel colors and a pretty design

5.) Acid-free adhesives, for pasting in photos and scraps

6.) Colorful ribbon, buttons, and other decorations

7.) Colored paper, to mat photos and add pizzazz to your pages

8.) Easter greeting cards and gift tags from your Easter basket

9.) Photos of everyone in their Easter outfits.

10.) Creativity! An Easter scrapbook can’t be made without it!

Remember those Birthday Keepsakes!

There are several ages that we reach in our lives that are considered milestones. At 16 we can drive. At 18 we graduate and head into the “real world.” At 21 we are considered legal adults. At 40 we are “over the hill.” All of these occasions can be both exciting and daunting.

Each of these ages can be considered a “check point,” on the journey of life. Although looking forward is always exciting, it is important to take stock of your life to see all of the challenges that you have overcome. It is a chance to be proud of all that you have accomplished.

Therefore, for a birthday that is associated with a milestone, why not consider giving the birthday person a nice scrapbook as a memory keepsake? This is the perfect gift for the child who is turning 18 and is about to go off to college. A scrapbook of all the momentous events in a person’s life is an especially meaningful gift.

You can find all of the items you need to make the perfect scrapbook at Store Photos’ online store.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

Today  is St. Patrick’s Day and you know what that means: it’s time to scrapbook the celebration! If you’re Irish or just Irish at heart, you’ll love these tips on how to make your St. Patrick’s Day scrapbook come alive:

1.) A green scrapbook is the perfect base to create a dazzling St. Patrick’s Day scrapbook that’s sure to capture the spirit of the day. carries a great selection

2.) Green paper will add just the right amount of the Emerald Isle to each and every photo. Use the papers to act as a page background, or as a page mat, whichever works best with your creative layout. Create the look of the Irish flag by using a combination of white and orange in your pages as well.

3.) Gold embellishments will lend a little luck to your pages and make each photo feel like it’s the prize at the end of a rainbow. Look for gold coins, pots of gold, or other gold embellishments to give some glimmer to your scrapbook.

Once you’ve got your supplies, it’s time to fill up your St. Patty’s Day scrapbook! Start out by gathering up photos of your local parade, friends and family wearing green, or even those snapshots from when you went to Ireland. Guinness labels, a recipe for Irish soda bread, or other little keepsakes will add the final touch. Mat the photos, paste them in, add embellishments, and you’re done!

A Wonderful Wedding Gift for the Bride & Groom-to-Be!

wedding cake

Wedding season is coming up fast and you can expect that you’ll be attending a wedding shower within the next few months. To ensure that you have an unforgettable gift that the lovely couple will love, try making those special people a wedding scrapbook or engagement scrapbook that’s perfect for cataloging their new life together! has everything you need to get started, plus, if you follow these easy tips, you should be on your way to having a lovely gift in no time at all!

1.) First off, start out by getting a wedding scrapbook from our selection. We carry a variety of beautiful scrapbooks that are perfect for starting out your wedding gift. Plus, they feature a gorgeous wedding motif that’s right in line with the occasion.
2.) Next, start off the scrapbook by putting in photos of the lovely couple together, with friends, and with family members. Be sure to leave some of the pages blank so they can fill them in with their own treasures. Mat the photos on colored craft paper to give the pages some pizzazz.
3.) Then, write in captions and little notes to the happy couple to wish them well on their upcoming wedding. If you can, have other shower guests write messages to the bride and groom-to-be on a dedicated page as a cool kind of guestbook.
4.) After that, use scrapbook embellishments to add some spice to each and every page.
5.) Finally, include some scrapbook refill pages in with the gift to ensure that the happy couple always has room to grow their scrapbook with photos of the wedding, the honeymoon, and their first year as husband and wife!

Making a wedding gift for your friends or loved ones can be easy. Use these tips from to make it happen!