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Start Thinking About Your Prom Scrapbook!


We know that prom season seems like it’s ages away, but in reality, prom night is a lot closer than you think. So, as you start to gather up your ideas on what to wear, how to style your hair, and what you’re going to do to make the night unforgettable, don’t forget to take the time to consider what you could be doing to make up your very own prom scrapbook!

Now is the time to start cataloging some of the early planning that goes into a perfect prom night. Take photos of the dress inspirations you’re considering, the stores you go to shop at, the hairstyles you’re trying, and all of the other little details that go into planning such a big event. Then, once prom night comes, be sure to bring along your camera to capture even more great photos. Have them developed and store them in one of the gorgeous Prom Scrapbooks from Just add the photos, some captions, your ticket stubs, embellishments, and you’re done!

Get a jump start on prom night by getting your supplies for making a prom scrapbook today.

Did You Get a Scrapbook for Valentine’s Day?

If you were lucky enough to get a gorgeous scrapbook for Valentine’s Day, you can’t just let it sit around empty! This week, take some time to really sit down and work on your scrapbook so that your valentine knows exactly how great a gift he or she chose this year! Start out by making a stop at for some of these scrapbooking essentials:

1. Colored Paper – make sure that your photos and pages pop by getting colored paper to fill in your scrapbook and add pizzazz!

2. Embellishments – these are what make each and every page stand out! Stop by to stock up on some great embellishments for your scrapbook.

3. Craft scissors – make your papers and matting look one-of-a-kind by using craft scissors to add personality to the edges of your paper.

4. Colored pens – give each photo a colorful caption and draw/write in something special on each page by using colored pens.

5. Adhesives – make sure that all of your scraps and photos stay put by using adhesives from They’re acid-free and strong enough to keep your scrapbook together!

Tips for a Better Pet Portrait

dog with heart on nose

Thinking of giving your sweetie a portrait of his or her pet this Valentine’s Day? Then be sure to use these quick and easy photo tips to ensure that you get the right shot to celebrate the occasion with:

1.)Start out by getting down to eye level with your pet. This should make the pet more comfortable, plus, it’ll give you a better photo.

2.)Next, consider using natural light since it’ll create a better look and feel in the picture. Try positioning your loved one’s pet near a window (covered by a sheer) with sunlight streaming in. Just be careful you don’t overexpose or get too much glare. The focus should stay on the pet.

3.)Clean up your photo by making sure the pet is well-groomed and by tidying up the spot where you want to take your photo. Remove any clutter and ensure that both the space and the pet are looking their best.

4.)Whether tilting their heads or perking up their ears, bringing out emotion in pets helps to make a photo spectacular. Watch for moments when they may give some expression. Make sounds or try talking to them to get a reaction.

A Sweet Scrapbook for Your Valentine

It’s February and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. What are you doing to prepare for the occasion?

Chances are, if you’re like most people, you’re probably going to try to wait until the last minute to find the right gift for your sweetheart, however, if you’re smart, you can actually start working on that gift today! At, we have a ton of great supplies for making your valentine a memorable scrapbook that captures all of those special moments you’ve shared together.

Romantic Scrapbooks

From that trip you both took last summer to the day he said, “I love you,” the moments that you and that special someone have shared can be captured beautifully in your photo collection. Once you’ve got all of your photos, using one of our beautiful, romantic scrapbooks to create a gift your Valentine will be sure to love. Fill it up with your favorite photos of you and your sweetie together, as well as little love notes that can bring a smile and warm the heart.

Gorgeous Embellishments

Next, spice up your pages by adding stunning embellishments that add personality to your scrapbook. Include stickers, ticket stubs from your first date, pressed flowers from a bouquet, or other special scraps that help to capture what your romance is all about.

Perfect Presentation

Finally, top off the entire gift by wrapping it up beautifully and gifting it on Valentine’s Day. Consider including a disposable camera that you and your sweetie can use on Valentine’s Day to make even more memories to add to your scrapbook.

Start Planning Your Vacation Scrapbook

Sure, your summer vacation may be months away, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t start scrapbooking it! In the early stages of planning your trip, you can still enjoy some scrapbooking fun by taking photos of the travel agency where you booked the trip, the friends or family members you’ll be traveling with, or maybe even your airport! Feel free to get creative and include your booking receipts, any brochures the travel agent might have given you, or even an old passport to show that this trip took more than just an idea to go somewhere new. Then, make sure to pick up one of the Vacation Scrapbooks from just to be sure that you’re prepared for your trip, both before and after!

Once you’ve filled in this part of your trip in advance, take the time to wait and actually plan out all of the exciting things you’ll do on vacation. After you’ve reached your destination, feel free to take as many pictures as you’d like, as well as to pick up any scraps, postcards, or tickets that may look great in your travel scrapbook. Also, stock up on some great embellishments to add personality to your pages and don’t forget about finding some adhesive that can help all of your scraps stay in place. By starting now, you can begin getting a look and feel in your scrapbook that could carry through the rest of the pages.