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What Are You Doing with Your Halloween Photos?

Each and every year, you take photos of your friends, family, and loved ones during Halloween. But chances are, if you’re like most people, those photos get pushed aside and stored in a shoebox or messy envelope until you find them years later when you’re cleaning out your photo collection. Don’t let those memories fade away! Instead, keep them fun and vibrant – just like this year’s Halloween costumes – by choosing to store your photos in one of the beautiful photo albums or scrapbooks from

Made by Pioneer, one of the leading brands in photo storage, these photo albums and scrapbooks offer archival quality so you can ensure that your photos stay looking great for years to come. Plus, if you choose a scrapbook, you can feel free to create tons of great themed pages that can really make your photos pop.

This Halloween, don’t forget about your photos. Save them for years to come with a little help from

Reasons to Scrapbook

For those tempted to dive into the fun world of scrapbooking, there are endless reasons why you should start. It’s rewarding to be able to look at a finished project that you can enjoy yourself and share with others. Below are five reasons why you should start scrap booking today!

  1. Scrapbooking allows you to connect with others. Whether it be attending classes or getting together with friends to scrapbook together, it offers interaction with others that have similar interests.
  2. It brings smiles across family and friends faces as you look back at pictures from the past and reminisce. Enjoy looking through your scrapbooks when someone is feeling down to brighten the day.
  3. Scrapbooking allows you to reflect that your life is art. You remember past moments and feelings in old snapshots.  These photos are just another one of the beautiful, artistic creations you’ve made to capture those feelings.
  4. Time spent scrapbooking honors the experiences of people who make up your life. You find yourself enjoying the present moment to the fullest and time spent in reflection.
  5. Any scrapbook is a treasured gift. Whether you hang on to your own work, or give one of your works as a gift, you know it’s filled with pieces of emotions and memories that can be cherished by any.

These are just a few reasons why you should start scrapbooking – so get out all your old photos and go for it, but most importantly, have fun!

Q&A with

Q – I recently bought a scrapbook to start scrapbooking, but I can not seem to get my embellishments to stick to my pages. Whenever I make a page and put it in my book, the embellishments always seem to be at the bottom of the page whenever I open it back up to show anyone. I am using regular white scrapbooking paper and a glue stick to stick my embellishments. Could this be the glue or paper causing the embellishments to fall off the page? – Sue, TX

A – Hi Sue, thanks for contacting It does not sound like it is the paper causing your embellishments to come off. It actually may be the glue. Make sure you are using a higher bond glue. Regular glue sticks are fine for photos and light weight embellishments but if you are gluing heavier decorations on your pages, the glue stick may not hold the weight. carries an embellishment glue stick specifically for this problem. This glue stick can hold the weight of a penny. It is also meant for wood, fabric, felt, light metals and cardboard. This will definitely fix the problem you are having. Hope this helps!

Gearing Up for Halloween? Get Your Scrapbook Ready!

At, we want to make sure that you have plenty of time to get your scrapbook together before the holiday hits and luckily, just in time for Halloween, we’re stocked with all of the scrapbooks, scrapbooking supplies, and photo albums you need to capture all of the spooks, the scares, and the great costumes. So what are you waiting for? Start building your Halloween Scrapbook today with some of these great tips!


1.First off, make sure that you take plenty of pictures of your friends and family in their awesome costumes. Trust us, you’ll want to remember these outfits for many years to come.

2.Add something fun to your pages by including scary details like fake spider embellishments, artificial cobwebs, spooky stickers, or even dried fallen leaves.

3.Cover your scrapbook or album cover with Halloween themed fabric. It’ll give your book a fresh look.

4.Finally, pull everything together by adding great captions to your scrapbook pages. Include Halloween jokes and phrases to add personality.