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School Time Memory Scrapbooks for Your Child


The first day of school can be scary, but it can also be exciting too! From meeting new friends to taking the first steps toward growing up, the first day of school is a big event and one that you really want to treasure for a lifetime. This August, as you prepare your child with all of the school supplies he or she needs to get started, be sure that you take the time to prepare yourself by creating a school time Memory Scrapbook from These scrapbooks can be a great way to capture the excitement of the first day while keeping your memories neat and organized for many years to come. Designed to preserve your memories for a lifetime using top quality materials that are free from lignin, acid, and PVC, the scrapbooks and scrapbooking supplies from are the perfect way to create a back to school scrapbook for your child. Just think, it’ll be time to graduate before you know it! Be sure that you’re prepared and have something to share with your child has he or she take the next big step. Create a school time memory scrapbook for your child today.

You’re Never Too Far Away

Sometimes, you just have to move. Choosing to move away from where you grew up or where you’ve settled isn’t always easy, but sometimes it’s for the best. If someone you care about is about to start over in someplace new, be sure that you’re giving them a parting gift that they can cherish for a lifetime. Scrapbooks and photo albums created with their journey in mind are the perfect way to show how much you care – and how much you want to keep in touch.
Moving Away

To start out with, choose one of the scrapbooks or photo albums from These archival quality, beautiful scrapbooks and albums are the perfect showcase for favorite photos, notes, cards, and other keepsakes that can remind that special someone of where home really is. Once you’ve decided on a scrapbook, fill it up with things that matter to your friend or family member. Maybe a ticket from the local movie theatre. Or a flyer from a concert you both attended. Or a snapshot of the school where he or she used to go. There are plenty of options. Just be sure to fill it up with things that help to paint the picture of where you live.

Finally, attach on a handwritten note or a note inside one of the covers to let your friend or family member know that they’re never too far away.

Looking for the Perfect Wedding Gift?

Wedding Gift

Wedding season is in full swing and as other guests look for the perfect gift, you can already be well on your way to finding the right outfit, sending your RSVP, and getting your bags packed for the big day! At, helping you find the right wedding gift is our top priority, especially with so many occasions happening this month! If you’ve got a wedding coming up and need the right gift to delight the newlyweds, be sure to check out the Wedding Photo Albums from These decorative photo albums feature gorgeous accents, flexible layouts, and the storage capacity a bride and groom needs to capture, store, and display all of their wedding day memories. With a variety of designs to choose from and a ton of embellishments and scrapbooking supplies available, should be your first stop when it comes to searching for the right wedding gift.

Scrapbooks Make Great Bridesmaid Gifts


Wedding season is in full swing and brides are always looking for the perfect way to gift their bridesmaids. You want the gift to be thoughtful and suited to your bridesmaids’ personalities, but finding the perfect gifts can be a challenge. To help you gift your bridal party better, be sure to stop by for a great selection of scrapbooks and photo albums.

Making your bridal party a scrapbook or special photo album can be a great way to show them how much you appreciate all of their help, support, and consideration during the wedding planning and the event itself. Filled with pictures of the bachelorette party, shower, the big day, and wedding planning antics, you can be sure that these thoughtful gifts will delight your bridal party and leave them with memories that will last a lifetime. After all, isn’t that what wedding days are all about?

Let give you the perfect gift for your bridesmaids. Check out our selection of scrapbooks and photo albums to find the right keepsake for your favorite ladies.