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Archive for May, 2009

Three Unique Scrapbooking Methods

Just like the beautiful scrapbooks that they create, scrapbookers have different styles and tastes when it comes to their craft. Here are three unique approaches to crafting the perfect scrapbook, each with its own special features and approach. Enjoy and see if you can be inspired!


Digital Scrapbooking: Creating pages online using digital images and software rather than purchasing individual embellishments. Many people use these to create pages to upload to their blogs or to print and place in a book. Many software packages are also compatible with online websites like and and allow you to upload your pages and create a printed book of your creations.

Scrapblogging: There are many people who utilize blogs to maintain a journal or to document the happenings of their family. These blogs are highly personalized. Starting out you can use a standardized template, but once you are comfortable with the services provided, you can upload your own creation to make your blog more personal. Just remember to be creative! Add in some videos to your blog as a unique touch.

Repurposed Scrapbooking: Using unconventional materials like wrapping paper, quilt pieces, packaging, soda cans, cloth napkins, cardboard, homemade papers, newspaper, or other scraps, you can make an entire scrapbook from scratch. Get innovative and see how you can make your own with finds from thrift stores, the recycling bin, or just about anywhere else.

ScrapGurl’s Blog Is Fresh And Fun!

Do you always find yourself following something three years in and trying to catch up? Whether it’s a TV show all your friends love that you haven’t even seen yet, or a band that’s already considered old news that you’ve just heard for the first time, starting the race several laps behind certainly has it’s disadvantages. This is partly why I was so excited to find ScrapGurl’s Scrapbooking Blog – it’s new! But that’s not the best part, of course. I’m not going to suggest you check something out just because it’s new. The best part is that Andrea, the scrapper behind the blog, has wasted no time in jumping into blogging headfirst, so it doesn’t read like a blog on training wheels in the least. The fact that it’s new simply means that I can easily go back from the beginning and see the complete story unfold, which is what I’m hoping you’ll do as well! It also shows me that if her posts are as fun and fresh as they are now in the beginning stages, things are only going to get better.

Andrea is no stranger to fun beyond her writing style. She has a really interactive blog chock full of challenges, with wonderful opportunities to showcase your own work and win great prizes. So from “Manic Mondays” to “Show & Tell Fridays” (there’s a little “Wacky Wednesday” in the middle there – not to be missed!), Andrea brings the scrapping fever to the table. Check her out today to try your creative hand at the Color Blocking Challenge. Happy Scrappin’!

Celebrate Graduation Creatively

Graduation is right around the corner and chances are there’s at least one graduation coming up in your life. From elementary to middle school to college graduations, each marks the end of a significant life event. There’s no better way for students and parents to commemorate their years of accomplishments than with a photo album for the reminiscent grad or scrapbook for those creatively inclined.

It’s important to keep in mind the style of the graduate or parent, and level of graduation. High school and college graduates are looking to have their own style, so a simple cover scrapbook leaves the recipient free to creatively record their memories. From nights at the movies to school dances each deserves it’s special place amongst the pages of a graduates memories. For elementary school graduates, a simple and fun photo album may be the perfect gift for a proud parent to keep and share with other parents or proud grandparents.

Celebrate and congratulate the 2009 graduate in your life. These achievements come by only once, and can be remembered just this once.

Say “I Do” to Engagement Photo Albums

Engagement Ring

For many couples, engagement photos are essential to announcing and celebrating their upcoming wedding day with friends, family, and members of the community. But instead of taking a quick snapshot and sending it to all of the local papers, make an investment in the memories you share in those months before you become man and wife. Making your own Engagement Photo Album or scrapbook can be a great way to treasure the memories as well as provide yourself with photos to last a lifetime.

The first step in creating an engagement album is to hire a photographer or get a loved one to shoot the pictures. Design a themed shoot or just be yourselves around each other to add life and dimension to the photographs. Be sure to be creative in these shots as they will last forever!

Next, check out the selection of Photo Albums from These gorgeous, archival quality photo albums offer the lifelong protection you need for your engagement photos. Not to mention, their beautiful covers make them great for keeping out for frequent display.

Finally, put it all together! Add in photos, your save the date cards, engagement party invitations, or other keepsakes that make you remember how lovely it felt to take those first steps toward becoming man and wife. As a sweet touch, write each other notes and attach them on the front and back inside covers.

Gift Mom with Mother’s Day Scrapbooks and Supplies!

There’s no doubt about it; Moms are special. To gift your mom in a way that is both thoughtful and useful, consider giving her some of the wonderful Scrapbook Supplies from These gorgeous, archival-quality books, tools, and embellishments are great for Moms that love to craft or for frequent scrapbookers looking to replenish their stock. Plus with a wide variety of things to choose from at prices to meet any budget, you can feel free to indulge Mom with some of the best items we have to offer.


Mom doesn’t have to be a scrapbooker either in order to enjoy what has to offer. Instead, take those great supplies and make a scrapbook just for her to enjoy. Fill it up to the brim with old cards, notes, pressed flowers, embellishments, and of course, family photos that celebrate the love and inspiration that your mom has always lent to your life. Trust us, she’s going to love this thoughtful and incredibly personal gift this Mother’s Day.