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Archive for March, 2009

Scrapbooking and Break Ups: A Time For Healing

Girl Journaling

When most people think of scrapbooking, they tend to remember those pivotal, life changing events where hearts swelled with happiness, smiles were shared, laughter heard, and connection made. Scrapbooks are the catalog and collection of memories organized together as time passes in a form that is both skilled and beautiful. However, in times of struggle or loss, scrapbooking can also prove to be therapeutic.

To start moving past your break up, divorce, or the ending of a relationship, pull out that box of photos of you and the other person. Using a scrapbook and an abundance of note paper, write letters to the person expressing how you feel. Journal about the events depicted in the photos. Make comment of what the events were and how they changed your life. These actions, combined with giving yourself time to heal, are sure to be helpful.

It’s the combination of the photos and the journaling that does it. Writing alone, does not remind you of all the parts of yourself the way contemplating a photo does. Writing and making art around those photos, even the simplest kind of art, is altogether healing. It’s more powerful than any counseling session – and that’s what scrapbooking is all about.

Pictures and the Infinite Thoughts That They Invite

Family Photos

It’s unfortunate that we pass by some of life’s most glorious sights without stopping to really appreciate their intricacies. Perhaps this is because we access the senses more readily than reason. By themselves, the senses enable only limited impressions. When followed by reason, however, they can lead to profound realizations.

When we sift through photo albums, we tend to react to pictures according to their face value. However, it is only upon further reflection that we can grasp their true essence. Pictures capture moments in time that would be forever gone if not for a quick flip of the camera’s shutter. When we look back on them, we are met not only with the visuals themselves but also the memories with which they are associated. Suddenly, we are revisiting happier times from the past, and our mood is elevated in the present.

So, though they may seem like nothing more than frozen images on a thick sheet of paper, photographs have incredible potential. They allow pleasant thoughts to resurface and inspire us to once again seek the happiness that made us smile so widely in them. Fortunately, at, we have everything you need to optimize your photographic experience. Don’t deny yourself the privilege of pleasant memories; stop by and start creating them today!

St. Patrick’s Day is Right Around the Corner: Are You Ready?

Four Leaf Clover

As one of the most beloved and celebrated holidays in March, St. Patrick’s Day is a fabulous way for anyone to get in touch with their Irish heritage and to celebrate this wonderful nationality with vibrant parties, historic parades, and of course, a lot of fun. As part of your St. Patrick’s Day tradition, do you take photos? If not, you definitely should be! Having a collection of St. Patrick’s Day memories can be a great way to celebrate your Irish heritage as well as to catalog some of the fun events that take place on this special day.

Going to a parade? Bring a camera. Have plans to attend a party or local festival? Bring a camera. Spending a quiet day at home making Irish soda bread? Bring your camera. All of these moments have the same thing in common: they’re part of the magic of what makes St. Patrick’s Day so special. Be sure that you’re capturing them!

As March 17th approaches, start thinking about how you’ll celebrate this special day and how you’re planning on filling up your St. Patrick’s Day Photo Album with something special.

Digital Photos: An Easier Way to Conduct a Scavenger Hunt!

We’re all familiar with the popular tradition of the scavenger hunt. It consists of gathering as many items or performing as many tasks from a list as one can, and the first to complete the list wins. However, gathering and transporting these items can be quite trying, but thanks to the advent of digital cameras, scavenger hunts are now much easier.

A few months ago, I did a scavenger hunt with some friends, and we had a massive list. Bringing back physical proof of every item would have been impossible, so instead of requiring the actual items, we decided to simply take a picture of it instead. Not only was this easier, it also made the experience more memorable for all. Now, months later, I am able to look back at this pictures and remember the good times we had.

Throughout our lives, we want to create as many memories as we can. Is there any better way to do so than having a concrete visual so that you never forget them? I think not!