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Scrapbooking Events

Scrapbooks are keepsakes that are meant to remind us of certain times, people, and events that took place in our lives.  Making a scrapbook is a very personal endeavor, and it takes a lot of heart and personal commitment to produce pieces that are meant to last for years.  But scrapbooking is not strictly personal – it also works well as an activity for family or a group of friends.

There are many ways to get together with people and enjoy your favorite hobby.  Here are a few ideas for you to consider:

  • Start a club – If you have friends who like to scrapbook, it’s a safe bet that they have friends who like to scrapbook as well!  This is a great way to network and find new ideas for layouts.
  • Workshops – If you have a hobby supply store in town, they likely have information on workshops in the area.  You could also check your local area’s event calendar for information on when and where the workshops will occur.
  • Retreats – Remember summer camp?  How fun was it to go away for a month and meet new people?  Well, those days don’t have to be over when you attend a scrapbook retreat!  Sign up to stay at a retreat and meet fellow scrappers to compare work, exchange ideas, and make friends.  To find a retreat near you, check out Scrapbook Retreat Directory and click on your state.

Be prepared for these events with supplies from  And, as always, Scrap Often and Scrap Happy!

Father and Son

Father and Son

The first friendship a little boy has in life is the one he has with his dad.  Dad is always there to play ball, talk about sports, and give advice and life lessons that the boy will carry with him for many years.

A boy’s father is usually the first model for a boy to follow.  Dad can’t go anywhere without little junior following!  Sons mimic the way their dads brush their teeth, comb their hair, and eventually the way they shave – even though this could be a slightly painful impersonation!  Granted, after some time, the boy becomes a young man and begins to make his own decisions. But this individuality is all based on what he saw in his dad.

Dads deserve a lot of credit when it comes to raising their sons.  I could agree that a boy who doesn’t have a dad will grow up just fine, but a dad is something to be treasured when you have one.  Remind yourself of this everyday.  Put together a Scrapbook or Photo Album of all the good times you have with your father throughout the years.  And make one for him, too – so he can hold onto the memories he had over the years with his son. Read the rest of this entry »

Isn’t It Time Mr. Whiskers Had A Scrapbook Too?

If you have pets, it’s safe to say that you regard them as part of the family. And if you are a regular reader of this blog, it could also be safe to say you enjoy scrapbooking and album making. So why not combine your passions and create a scrapbook dedicated to your little buddy?

Making a scrapbook for a pet isn’t too different from one that would be made for a human member of the family. You should plan the layout to show the growth of your pet, and highlight big events in your pet’s life (i.e. Birthdays, trips to the park, meeting other pets, etc).

You should include as many pictures as you can of your pet hanging out with family members. Funny pictures like your dog or cat sleeping in the recliner with Dad, or digging in the yard while Mom is planting flowers are especially encouraged!

The most important ingredient to include in your pet’s scrapbook is your pet’s personality. If your pet is mischievous, hyper, calm, goofy, etc., use embellishments that highlight these traits.

Be sure to visit to find all that you will need to build your pet’s scrapbook. Happy Scrapbooking!

Here Today…Gone Tomorrow!

Some things in life don’t last forever. These would include apple pie, the baseball season, kids staying young, and these Closeout Items on Now, if we could just add taxes to the list!

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Digital Media Storage Gets Simpler!

How many DVDs do you own? How many music CDs? How many digital photo CDs are there in your collection? These little disks are full of all types of information, and more and more devices use the information found on CDs to update or run programs. Here at, we have the Organizers that you need to keep track of all your digital media.

Do you keep back-ups of all your photos on CD? has the digital photo album to organize them all! The 48 pocket Digital Photo CD Album makes a perfect storage solution, and there’s room for a photo so you have a visual reference for your CD’s pictures.
You could also store all your digital media in a Heavy Duty Storage Box. This will allow you to hold plenty of CDs, and be able to stack them away out of children’s reach.

Storing your digital media will not only keep it all organized, but also in better condition. Start a habit of storing such items in containers and folders like the ones listed above. Create a system that works for you, and be sure to label them accordingly. Try these Photo CD Markers to label your digital media. They’re designed to adhere to the slick surfaces of CDs.

Graduation Scrapbooks Make The Grade!

Is there someone in your family graduating from high school or college?  You should remind him or her of the path they traveled to get to this momentous point and what better way is there than by cataloging all their photos, report cards, and awards in a scrapbook?  So here are a few tips from to make the perfect graduation scrapbook.

Try to highlight the graduates victorious moments.  This would include birthdays, sporting accomplishments, and their first car or job.  If you have any paper certificates or awards to go along with these moments, make sure to include them in the scrapbook.

A good idea is to also write messages to accompany all the photos and certificates in the scrapbook.  Messages add personality to the scrapbook and will bring a smile from the graduate from a tender message or a quote from the time.

Lastly you have to keep the tone right.  Add humor to the layout, by making light of moments where your graduate was, lets say, less than graceful.  There is nothing more satisfying than remembering moments that are seriously funny.

graduation-scrapbooks.jpgGraduation is a great time for a person, and a reminder of the path a person took to make it there is a good way for a young graduate to appreciate where he or she came from.  It will also remind them that the journey makes the next destination in their life worth wild.

If you need supplies, visit for all your scrapbooking needs.