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Archive for September, 2008

Taking Photo Albums Further!

If you are half as obsessed with home decorating shows as I am, you are likely familiar with the term “repurposing”. It is creatively using an item for something other than its intended purpose – like putting legs on an old barn door making it a coffee table, or turning a beautiful plate into a clock. This not only helps you express yourself, but leaves behind a piece of functional art. And in that spirit we have come up with a list of ways to repurpose photo albums!

Photo Albums

  • Do you have a stack of recipes just begging to be properly stored? Why not take some time to neatly write them down on archival safe index cards, and tuck them into this Full Size Photo Album? Not only will they stay clean and safe in a protective acid-free pocket, but they will be easily referenced the next time you absolutely have to have Aunt Betty’s Apple Pie!
  • Are you a list maker? Does your week end with a pile of notes ranging from ‘things to ask the vet’ to ‘color ideas for the bathroom’? I’m with you. I once saw a book that was a compilation of lists kept by someone who never threw any of their lists away! I thought it was such a cool idea, to keep all these scribblings, as I’ve never been very diligent with a diary. An album, like this Bella Designer Album, can keep all those lists together, because you actually need them, or want to laugh at what you once felt the need to write down!
  • Paint samples…magazine clippings…landscaping quotes…all the fun things that come with buying a new house! Why not keep these as memories of this, or any other life-changing event in your life. File them away inside your favorite Photo Album, and look back fondly once the dust has settled!

Photo Albums As A New Year’s Resolution?

While the rest of the world is panicking over resolutions gone awry, I remain calm and collected. Is it because I went the ‘no resolutions’ route? Nope. It is because I give myself the whole year to realize my resolutions. And I choose things to change that will enrich my life and relax me.

After a lifetime of being a clutter-bug, I have decided enough is enough. I don’t need all this stuff! And more importantly, I need to start treating the things I do need with respect. Photographs top this list. Like many people, I have a medley of half-completed albums, and piles of pictures in drawers. I often wish I had well-organized albums I could enjoy flipping through and showing to friends – and I have until December 31st to make that happen!

Designer Scrapbooks

I want to separate my photos loosely by category, and plan on using these Black & White Albums in conjunction with these Leatherette Albums. The bright pink and green albums will look extra vibrant alongside the black and white albums, and be just the burst of color I’m looking for. If anyone has other suggestions for my project, or albums that look good together, please let me know! Thanks!

My Baby Pictures? Bring Them On!

Some people may consider me crazy, but I have never cringed when the old photo albums were dusted off and cracked open for company. I love pictures – even pictures of me in footed pajamas on Christmas morning leaning against the kitchen door singing into my new Michael Jackson microphone. And pictures of a sunburned me on vacation in Disney World shaking the sand from my Minnie Mouse purse. And pictures of me shortly after I cut my hair with animal-shaped safety scissors that will indeed cut if you try and try again!

Photo Albums

But before you think I only like pictures of myself, let me add that I adore pictures of my friends and family – especially the ones taken before I was born. Being the youngest of three children, much of what I know about my siblings’ childhood is from pictures. And much of what I know is they were an interestingly dressed duo! There was once a world full of bell-bottomed corduroys and baby blue tee-shirts, and without pictures, it would be a fairy tale to me.

Photo Albums do more than capture a moment. They capture a whole era. They help little sisters understand what came before them, and they help build a visual timeline of where we’ve been, and how important every second is.